Saturday, February 14, 2015

Tending the Secret Garden of Your Soul

Hungry hunters gather,

Hide children!
Here neath Spring’s unfurling green.
Grow and Feast among the roses,
as you guard the rows and orchards
and Summer’s bounty glean.

Find a mate,
Scattering love, luck and wishes
’neath Autumnal dome of jet and red. 
Fool your enemies
by shedding blood 
like drops of gold,
and convincing them 
you are truly dead!

Sleep the long winter away,

dreaming of transformation
and the seeds that you will sow.
Generations dancing 
the seasons around
throughout Life’s 
grand unfolding show.

Mary’s cattle, Freya’s hens, 
Our arrival betokens
fine weather, good news.
Trust in Divine provender
and you’ll soon shake off 
your worries, woesome blues!

shield at the ready,
never aggressive 
yet I’ll staunchly defend.
List to the wisdom
of Indra’s cowherd,
to my lessons 
kindly attend!

Shed fear, doubt and anger!

Joyfully embrace love 
that it may grow,
spread and inspire.
Remember my message
whenever you see me,
and we’ll get on 
like a house on fire!

For those new to the game, each singing poem is inspired by a Teacher found in Nature; a star, stone, plant, animal etc that holds lessons of Wisdom for those willing to listen. Can you guess who is singing today?  (Congrats to Kat Dennis and Bobbi Kuschel for naming this Teacher!)

There are about 5,000 different Ladybird Beetles found around the World. Sheath-wing, Freya's Hens, Mary's Cattle and Indra's Cowherd are all names applied to this Beetle found everywhere except extreme Northern and Southern environments. The term Ladybird comes from "Our Lady's Bird", referring to the Virgin Mary who was apparently depicted in some early paintings wearing a red cloak with seven black spots, like the most common Ladybird in Europe. These spots were said to represent Mary's seven joys and seven sorrows. Also associated with Freya, Juno, Selene and several other Goddesses. Appropriating her as Mary's  Beetle suggests that the Ladybug has a long association with the Divine Feminine, and could quite likely be associated with Goddesses such as Aphrodite, as this Teacher is often believed to carry message to or from one's true love- helping us to find each other.

Ladybugs consume harmful insects like Aphids and Mites, although some species eat only plant matter. Shedding drops of their noxious yellow blood and playing dead are major defense techniques for this Teacher when attacked. In the Spring, they lay their eggs under leaves where the young will find a good meal of aphids when they hatch, like Roses. In Summer the larvae grow as they eat, preparing themselves for their transformation into a full grown Beetle. In the Fall, Ladybirds gather together to mate, and share their collective warmth throughout the Winter hibernation. Ladybirds teach us to be protective without being aggressive, not only of our selves and loved ones but the World around us. Passive aggression can be a sign of unbalanced Ladybird energy, and they counsel awareness of this issue as well as learning to stand up for one's self when and where appropriate without resorting to passive aggressive tactics like guilt trips.

They are invaluable friends in the garden as they eat destructive insects.bugs like Aphids, a primary Balancer for this Teacher. Ladybirds, like so many Teachers, point out to us the importance of Conservation and moving with the natural cycles of Life. They are susceptible to toxins and chemicals so many seem to think it necessary to use when gardening. They are toxic to their own predators, as their bright coloring warns. We are most likely familiar with the traditional red and black appearance, but they can come in yellow, orange, red, white and may not have any spots at all!

Ladybirds don't hunt their meals down, but rather trundle along their merry way confident that their needs will be met and happy to take up the opportunity that arises in their path. This "let go and let God" sentiment is another Ladybug message; to not focus so much on worrying about our needs getting met and trust that Creator will provide for us without us having to deviate from our chosen path in life. Combined with this lesson is the encouragement to recapture the Joy and Innocence that we all came into this World with. Ladybirds have been associated with Good Luck, Good Weather (again helping out in the garden!), Protection, Wish Fulfillment, Transformation, the coming of Good News, Faeries, the Virgin Mary, the Goddess Freya and the God Indra.

Perhaps more than any other message though, Ladybug reminds us that all things begin and end with Love. Like the Spirit, Love is eternal and available to us at all times from Creator and Universe. We need simply be aware of it and receptive. Put a little love into everything you do and you will be amazed at the tremendous benefits you reap! Scatter little thought-seeds of Love as you move through your day, and watch as they take root and spread on their own! With Love, all things are possible.

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