Monday, October 22, 2018

Stir the Cauldron

The witching hour strikes
Shadows swirl at the
Crossroads of your soul
The Moon's brightly slitted eye sees all
as we listen to this Teacher's bewitching call...

Halfway in this world
Halfway out
Daggers sheathed
Tail twitching and hooked
In silence I stalk my prey
bringing home gifts of
Divine messages
tiny details oft overlooked
All brought home
like so many strays

Nine times I return
Sometimes to play
Others to wander
Lastly to share my life with yours
Tiger striped kings
Calico queens
We chose you
Domesticated and subtly trained you
Humming with content
Invoking laughter with our whimsy
Keeping your domain vermin free
Our chosen chore
Curled in your lap
We will unwind your stress
Wipe away your fears
Ease heartache
Unravel knots from past lives
Teach you the ways of Dreamtime
To hunt your Shadowself with agility, with grace
How to travel, broomless,
through Astral doors

Beloved of Freya
Ambassador of Bast
Sleek and satisfied
Slumbering in the warm Sun
Dreaming of the days when I was
cosseted as divine.
We are One
You too are a piece of Divinity
Be worthy of our praise
Live clean
Pick delicately at the bones of wisdom
Fiercly independent
Meet life on your own terms
Be mirrored in our luminous gaze"

For those new to the game, each piece in my Singing
Series focuses on a Teacher found in nature; a star, stone, animal or plant that holds lessons of Wisdom for us. Can you guess who is singing?

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Sending Love Across the Great Divide

No bags were packed
No grand plans made
No tickets booked
or seats to upgrade.
Yet you were ready to go;
Gone in the blink of an eye.
We were left
with questions unasked,
although never our habit
to say "Goodbye".

One last kiss,
sweeter for not knowing
it was the last.
One final hug,
tight with unshed tears.
One last smile lingering
in the corner of my mind,
making mockery of my fears

May your journey
be swift and merry!
Your companions
loving and kind.
The Earth will hold
our tears for you,
do not tarry!
Whatever you need,
Whatever you search for,
I sincerely hope you find

Our love goes with you
as yours will always enfold.
We will miss your Wisdom,
your stubborn streak a mile wide,
even your sharp tongue
the mischievous twinkle in your eye
the invaluable conversations,
all the stories left untold.
Memories we will cherish though,
dearer than any gold
Loving, light as a feather.
Prayers, like thunder bold

A very dear friend of mine passed away about seven years ago in October. It was sudden, so hopefully a painless parting. She was only 66, but I know she was ready for the journey. A rare individual, both humble and courageous. She never really understood what a blessing she was... Never really accepted that she was an inspiration, valuable and beautiful just as she was, all skills aside, to those who love her. She was a wonderful Teacher, and it's hard not to kick myself for not asking more questions while I had the chance. I miss her still. We never said "Goodbye" when we parted, and tried always to make the most of every moment we were given, say what was in our hearts. So, it's not really as if there is any unfinished business lingering, but letting go is never easy. We had plans to get together just two days after her passing, and I was one of the last people to speak with her. It still feels like she left in the middle of our conversation. I am so very grateful for the time were given though. That far outweighs anything else.

While a perfectly natural and acceptable part of Life, Death is a loss - most especially to those left behind. Poetry is still some of the very best therapy I've ever known, and it definitely helps the healing process. It was two years before I could write this piece and pull those splinters out. October is the time of year for taking inventory of our lives, letting go of/setting aside what no longer serves us, and remembering loved ones and Ancestors who have passed away. The time when the Veil between worlds is at its thinnest. In other words, it is the time of year when I face the setting sun, sending my love across the Great Divide.

May love and light fill the coming days of your own lives. May we all be so lucky to have such caring and inspiring people to cherish. May we be those caring inspiring people to others. May we come together as a society of humans who firmly set aside all those things that do not serve us... racism, misogyny, homophobia, isolationism, materialistic mindless consumerism. May we Awaken to our true purpose here. May we find strength in our memories as we in turn receive Love from across the Great Divide.