Monday, October 22, 2018

Stir the Cauldron

The witching hour strikes
Shadows swirl at the
Crossroads of your soul
The Moon's brightly slitted eye sees all
as we listen to this Teacher's bewitching call...

Halfway in this world
Halfway out
Daggers sheathed
Tail twitching and hooked
In silence I stalk my prey
bringing home gifts of
Divine messages
tiny details oft overlooked
All brought home
like so many strays

Nine times I return
Sometimes to play
Others to wander
Lastly to share my life with yours
Tiger striped kings
Calico queens
We chose you
Domesticated and subtly trained you
Humming with content
Invoking laughter with our whimsy
Keeping your domain vermin free
Our chosen chore
Curled in your lap
We will unwind your stress
Wipe away your fears
Ease heartache
Unravel knots from past lives
Teach you the ways of Dreamtime
To hunt your Shadowself with agility, with grace
How to travel, broomless,
through Astral doors

Beloved of Freya
Ambassador of Bast
Sleek and satisfied
Slumbering in the warm Sun
Dreaming of the days when I was
cosseted as divine.
We are One
You too are a piece of Divinity
Be worthy of our praise
Live clean
Pick delicately at the bones of wisdom
Fiercly independent
Meet life on your own terms
Be mirrored in our luminous gaze"

For those new to the game, each piece in my Singing
Series focuses on a Teacher found in nature; a star, stone, animal or plant that holds lessons of Wisdom for us. Can you guess who is singing?

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