Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Father's Radiant Smile


Greet this glorious
new day!

Spread my light
with your own
bright smiles
and joyous songs!

Salute my power
Invoke my protection
Stretch towards
the splendor
of my vital rays

Beaming with energy,
born anew each morn,
My skin crackles and hisses.

Bringing forth
both scorching ruin and 
rain fed bounty,
I cover
thy Mother
with my fiery kisses!

To distant worlds
I am yet
another twinkling potential

Yet, you would cast
no shadow 
without me,
admire no marvelous color,
nor achieve  the briefest vision

Anpetu Wi

Green Lord
crowned with Oak
Day Father
Summer King

Many are my names
the gifts I bring

For those new to the game, each of these singing poems is inspired by a Teacher found in Nature. A star, stone, animal, plant, element etc that holds lessons of Wisdom for us. The pictures are always incidental to the words... meaning, they seldom if ever feature the Teacher singing, merely scenery. Can you guess who is singing today?