Monday, February 2, 2015

Mother of Necessity

Queen of the Soulforge,
Mistress of Wolfsong
and Ravenlore,

Set my heart on fire!
Kindle my soul
with your compassionate flame!
Evoke my creative spark,

with all that you divinely inspire!

Teach me. 

Nurture me.
Call me by name!

Yours is the hand
that thrusts me
into the furnace
of soulful trial,
Yours the strength
that shapes me 
upon Life’s anvil.

Yours the loving laughter
that, even in darkness, 
makes me smile.
Sweet succor! Like you, may I inspire, 
feed others as the sweet berry 
at brambles’ heart;
Blossom, as the gentle Rose
amidst bladed thorn.
Mother of Light and Shadow,
Healer & Destroyer, Fiery Arrow,
pierce my heart!

Through your eternal song 
I am reborn!
Maiden, Mother, Crone; 
holy well of wisdom,

Patron of healers, smiths, 
mothers, crafters,
bards, poets…

Your braided crown 
bejeweled with stars,
is the beacon 
that lights my way.
Eternal Flame 
within the sacred Hearth,

You offer shelter ’neath your verdant mantle.
your songs bring victory, 
enlightenment, healing.
When my song is ended 
carry me joyously onward
O Monarch, Sweet Sovereignty !

February 2 (more or less) has been celebrated as the festival of Imbolc,  or "Oimelc" literally "ewe's milk", for thousands of years. The midpoint between Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox, the celebration is all about the returning of the Sun, Fertility, Light, and the renewal of Life. Lupercalia, the Snowdrop Festival, Feast of Pan, Feast of Torches, and many other names have been given to this ancient festival celebrating the turning of the Wheel of the Year. This would be the time of year when herds would begin lactating and welcoming new offspring. Hibernating/burrowing creatures, like Groundhogs, also begin emerging with the slowly blossoming sunshine!

The Goddess Brighid, later known as Saint Brigit, would be called upon to the bless the herds, the land, the people. Brighid is the patron of hearthkeepers, smiths, poets, crafters, and herbwives. She was a complex Celtic triple goddess that appeared as three young women, daughters of the god Dagda; Brigid the "Fire of the Hearth", Brigid the "Fire of the Forge", and Brigid Brigid the "Fire of Inspiration". The Maiden/Mother/Crone reference in my poem refers to myself being reborn through the song of Brighid, as well as being "renewed" with each lifetime. 

Now is the perfect time to do an internal inventory and Spring cleaning. Leave behind that which no longer serves you, and refocus your attention on your goals. Give up who you have been in days past for who you choose to be today. Necessity is often the Mother of Invention. Get inspired! Get creative! Try something new! 

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