Sunday, February 22, 2015

Still Standing

I stand like a Tree

surrounded by City.

Harsh, cold concrete binds my roots!

I shift uneasily in this

Unwelcoming ground,

While the fumes from the constant stream

of snarling metal beasts

keeps me from breathing deep.

I find it only brings the despair and anger

of the City deeper into my Heart.

I fear the awesome bite of these gleaming brutes,

yet far worse is the bitter miasma that constantly seeps

from their Masters and Mistresses…

The Walkers, the Pourers of Concrete,

the Lost, the Despairing and the Murderous…

The Wind runs wandering fingers through my emerald hair.

She’s trying to comb away some of the worry and thoughts

that lie so heavy on my head in these troubled times.

With a sigh, I turn my face towards the glittering Sun.

I drink in His Light and dream….

I Dream…

I dream of a time

 when the Air was not thick

with the accumulated sludge of raw emotions;

A place where my roots can hold tight

to Mother Earth, without fear…

without regret,

or imposed control.

No walls of iron, no poisoned elements…

Somewhere free of this constant assault,

Endless noise,

And the torturous erosion of overwhelming Misery!

I bathe in the comforting warmth and

Beauty of the day and Dream

Of Joy,



I cling to the moment, 

And dwell not on the coming of the Night… 

I stand, 

Like a Tree… 

Surrounded by City.

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