Friday, February 12, 2016

Thorn Among the Roses

Stay inside your government box then
safe upon the island of your couch
tuning yourself in to the televised heartbeat
Exchanging meaningless texts
with someone else in the endless rows of boxes
or perhaps cultivating the next babydaddy
you believe will whisk away all your worries

It's your choice
None of us can save you from the lies you tell yourself
None of us can force you to desire a better tomorrow
No one can save you but yourself

Go ahead

Continue to feed off everyone around you
Keep wondering why you still yearn for more;
Never satisfied and always someone else to blame.
Set yourself no goals of personal betterment
Learn not one jot more than you know now
Unless it's the next must have brandname, of course,
or a new trick to squeezing more out of those that feed you

Don't cook
Don't clean
Don't earn a living
Don't show your children a better way 
than your parents showed you.

Pick up a habit of drinking or pills,
keep up those family values.
Ignore the gifts you have been given while they behave, yet
Harpy screech with frustration
when they ask for more
than the stubborn blindness and conformity
you teach them every day with your choices

Content to be a dead weight on society
pointing everywhere but inward for blame
Sympathy does you no good 
you only add it to your coward's arsenal 
nestled next to love and guilt trips.

Having never lived in the real World,
we won't miss you
It's fine if you don't want a better life for yourself
It's even ok that you don't want more for your kids
Someday they will be old enough to make their own choices
I won't be surprised when they choose to leave behind
the island of misfit delusions you've created
Should you come to your senses 30 years too late,
don't be surprised when none of us
are right there waiting for you to awaken, princess.

You'll have to find your own way out of that tower you've made
No one waits for the thorn among the roses.

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