Friday, February 26, 2016


I lost my best friend of 13 years this week; my beloved dog Rogue. I'm sure most folks here completely understand that a pet is never "just" a pet, they are family. Anyone who has ever formed a bond with a dog also knows that the love they give us is completely pure and loyal... No One loves you as selflessly as a dog. In many ways, my Rogue was even a step beyond all that ,being my self taught therapy animal. With keen instinct she always knew exactly when I needed the press of her warmth against my leg, a canine hug or kiss, a laugh and playfulness or really anything else. This marvelous canine once even brought me the phone when I couldn't hear it ringing at the other end of the house!

Nursemaid, caretaker, babysitter, clown, doctor, friend, secret keeper, guide, dream sharer, protector, cheerleader; Rogue was my beloved shadow, as close to my heart as my husband or children. She helped me through some of the very toughest parts of a challenging life path. She left me two of her own kids to keep me company until I can join her, but she was jealous of their attention in those last days. I did my best to assure her that No One could taker her place in my heart, now or ever. Her passing was blessedly quick and, I hope, relatively painless. I am forever grateful that I was here to hold her while she passed. I know time will help ease the pain, but right now... I'm heartbroken. Therapeutic poetry is sure to follow eventually lol Much love my friends, give a hug to those nearest and dearest to you please. Our time her is all too brief xo


  1. I am so sorry for your loss, and I honor your pain and grieving with all my heart and soul, it is such a testimony to love. I love You Quinn, bless your loving heart. I am so sorry that you lost a member of your family, and one so dear to your heart

    1. Mitakayue Oyasin, Beloved Thank you for holding me in your heart xo