Saturday, October 17, 2015

Dreamwalkers: Chapter One Part Two

As the last gleam of a setting sun flashes across the sky, a handsome man of indeterminate age enters a building of cold steel and dark glass. His silvery blonde hair curls attractively upon his shoulders, framing the planes of his face with an uncalculated appeal to every eye that chances across him. His tailored clothes only accentuate the casual and fluid grace with which he seems to dance across the marble floor. 

An ordinary uniformed individual comes out from behind the counter, nervously greeting him as he moves without hesitation to the bank of elevators. 

“Good Evening, Sir! I hope you enjoyed your vacation?” The guard fumbles with his ring of keys, still attempting to draw some positive reaction from his superior, as he finds the proper key and opens the doors of a smaller elevator set off from the others. 

“You look rested. ” Jerrin’s eyes, and whatever expression they might convey, are hidden behind mirrored lenses as he turns a distant, unnerving look upon the simple drone. “Yes…ah, Just a moment, while I…here it is…let you through. You’re to go right up, Sir.” 

With a sardonic grin, his low voice merely murmurs, “Of course”, as he leisurely takes his place in the elevator. Minutes later, he strides with a nod past the typically harried young man in the austere, yet to Jerrin, familiar waiting room. The aide wordlessly buzzes him through the heavy metal door placed behind his desk. 

A white, starkly lit, windowless corridor leads him to an ornately carved wooden door inlaid with gleaming metal. The door behind him shuts decisively and a cool puff of sterile air caresses his cheek as hidden machines stir quietly to attention. He slows and flashes an unruffled grin up at the hidden camera, removing his sunglasses as he enters. 

The spacious room is lit only by the glow of monitors along one wall and the spectacular view sprawled beyond the windows. As usual, there is a chill in the conditioned air and the door closes with a solid thump and click behind him. A figure moves in the darkness behind a large mahogany desk. 

“Good evening, Jerrin. Your return is as timely as ever.” This voice is quiet, assured, and even colder than the air that moves around its sound. "I have an account for you to close tonight.” The rakish gleam of Jerrin’s smile lights up his dark violet eyes. ” Yes, it seems that Addams no longer wishes to do as he is bid… and I, as you know, have no need for those that outlive their usefulness.” 

“Consider it done.” Jerrin gives an impish bow to his superior. “I’ll attend to this little matter before the usual Collection then.” He casually straightens his jacket and runs a hand through his silver locks. 

Later, beneath the eternally shifting darkness of night, many slumber undisturbed. Some merely murmur and move restlessly as their dreams grip them for a short span before melting away, forgotten before they have even opened their eyes to the new day. Others will not be so lucky.

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