Thursday, March 5, 2015

With Slippers Torn From Dancing

Listening to the fiddlers 
hidden by the misty shadows of the Night, 
Curious eyes shine out of the darkness 
as this luminescent Lady slips into sight. 

"Maiden Huntress, 
I course the skies 
with my radiant hounds, 
bow of silver and ivory prepared. 
Protector of women, deliverer of children, 
woe to those who cross me 
for I will make them regret 
what they so unwisely dared! 

Reflective Mother, 
I stir your emotions, 
brew prophecies, inspire madness, 
birth shapeshifters, nightmares and dreams. 
Mistress of Magic, 
gaze into my scrying mirror 
inhaling ancient mysteries 
as my sacred cauldron steams. 

Warrior Queen 
moving to my own rhythm. 
I create myself anew and don my horned crown, 
resplendent on my wintry throne. 
Dispensing riddles, wisdom, and justice 
My karmic lesson bring a subtle clarity. 
Some invoke me as the compassionate mother, 
Others call me forth as the fateful crone. 

Waxing philosophical, 
I awaken your instincts, 
evoke ancestral rites, 
inspire creativity and romance. 
Dwindling back into myself, 
I rein in the restless tides. 
Guiding you with compassionate strength 
through every transformation, 
as I continue my ancient dance."

Each of these singing poems is inspired by a Teacher found in Nature; a star, stone, plant, animal etc that holds lessons of Wisdom for those willing to listen. This particular poem is brand new, and never seen before anywhere else. Only the poem is written, but I thought everyone here would enjoy being the first to guess this mystical Singer that has inspired our people for centuries. Can you guess who is singing?

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