Saturday, March 14, 2015

I Am

I am multi-faceted and curious.
I wonder why so many people 
want to be treated so badly 
if we were all raised 
to treat others 
how we want to be treated?

I hear thawing dreams.
I see a brighter tomorrow.
I want to be reborn 
from my own ashes every day.
I am multi-faceted and curious.

I pretend to fly 
with the hawks in the distance.
I feel like dancing 
to the heartbeat of the World.
I touch the sky of my own soul.
I worry that I am not silent often enough. 
I cry for the blindness and stubbornness 
of Humanity.
I am multi-faceted and curious.

I understand 
that you cannot help someone 
who does not believe 
there is a problem.
I say Live well, Laugh often and Love much.
I dream of Raven singing me wisdom.
I try to take a little time each day 
to simply Be.
I hope for a brighter tomorrow.
I am multi-faceted and curious

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