Friday, March 27, 2015

Antediluvian Choir

Voices join
in amazing grace 
more sonorous. 

Their song 
is heard clearly 
even over great distance
Vibrant Wisdom
even in our Dreaming.

Closer they come, 
until we can feel 
their song 
in our bones!

“We will teach you 
to cross the waters wide,
to sing through your Heart,

Dream deep, 
Dream true, 
and through 
the Ancient memories
of the Cosmos glide!

is ever forgotten

for each memory 
is like a book,

only waiting for the cover 
to be opened and read,

waiting for a willingness 
to take the time 
to listen,

Strength and Gentleness 
in equal measures…

Our home the wild 
Heart waters of the World,
We will teach you
to be Masters of the flood,
not carried away by it.

Bringing lessons 
of artistic creativity
is our sweetest pleasure.

Sing, little siblings!
Sing your Truths
Sing your sorrows and joys
shadows balanced with light
for all the World hears!

Song and sound can heal 
like no other gift!
If All Our Relations 
sang together,
We might cure the World
of all its noisome fears!

Our smiling faces 
may fill your sight,
dancing through
your Dreams
some quiet night
but do not dread  
our strength
our size!

See instead
the Wisdom of Ancients 
 the emotional depths
the stellar spinning 
Cosmic Consciousness  
within our eye

We most of us feed 
upon the smallest grains 
within the Sea
or a mouthful of fish

We sing of Family, 
Deeper Awareness

Living in Harmony with 
the Heart Song of the World
 is all we need 
to successfully sustain us.

Listen to the music of Creation
 We will teach you our Songs
if you will Listen
if you will learn 
to sing with your heart

Ambergris and Ocean
are the scents of our destiny. 
We sing
We swim 
We Dream together 
and Cow." 

Who Sings Now?

For those new to the game, each poem is inspired by a Teacher found in Nature; a star, stone, animal, plant etc that holds lessons of Wisdom for us. Can you guess who is singing today? Congrats to Poppy (O.R.M.E.), Sharonlee, Jan Neavill Hersh and Windi (Jaguarwombyn) for naming this Teacher!

“All of us get lost in the darkness, dreamers learn to steer by the stars.” Rush, The Pass

“Don’t gain the world and loose your soul, wisdom is better than silver and gold.” Bob Marley, Zion Train

“If you were all alone in the universe with no one to talk to, no one with which to share the beauty of the stars, to laugh with, to touch, what would be your purpose in life? It is other life, it is love, which gives your life meaning. This is harmony. We must discover the joy of each other, the joy of challenge, the joy of growth.” Mitzi Saotome

“We all love the ocean’s surface with its beautiful sparkle blue. But beneath it, down deeper, whales are moving with slow drifting currents- whales that are great gentle cloudlike beings” Roger Payne

There are over 70 species of Cetaceans which include whales, dolphins, and porpoises. Whales are generally separated into two categories, toothed and baleen. Toothed whales are peg-toothed predators who hunt down schools of fish and squid, and have one blowhole. Baleen whales have a mouthful of bony plates through which they sieve out krill, small fish and other small tasty creatures. Baleens tend to be larger and have two blowholes. Many Cetaceans, especially Baleens, migrate over long distances in groups called pods, although some Cetaceans form groups for life and others interchange members from one pod to the next.

Very social creatures, there is an especially strong bond between mother and calf. Being mammals, whales give birth to live young which must then be guided to the surface to draw their first breath. Gestation time ranges from 9-18 months and a new calf is produced about once every 1-3 years. Young typically stay with their mother for at least a year before setting out on their own, and whales have been known to sing to their young in addition to teaching them life skills. A blue whale calf drinks 50-150 gallons of milk a day, adding about 8 pounds of weight per hour, or 200 pounds a day. 

They go from nursing to feeding on krill, and in order to get enough to eat an adult blue whale might eat as many as 40 million of these tiny shrimp in a day! Isn’t it interesting that the largest creature in the world, so large it literally could not exist outside of water, lives by eating creatures less than 1/1000th of their size? Blue whale calves are only nursed for about 8 months while other species nurse longer, like the humpback which nurse their calves for about a year. Perhaps even more interesting is the thought that while whales live out their lives in water, they do not drink! Experts believe that they get all the water they need by burning fat.

There is also a great deal of variation from one species to the next as to how deep they dive or how long they stay submerged. Sperm whales can dive up to 985 feet deep and stay down for over two hours, although a typical dive is usually less than 45 minutes. Blue whales are the largest creature known to us and the largest on record is a female who was about 110 feet long and weighed 209 tons! 

When their numbers were higher, one could hear a blue whales song from one pole to the other, but depletion and increasing noise pollution has reduced their audible range. During the feeding period, a blue whale can ingest 4 tons of krill a day. They feed at the beginning and the end of the night at a depth of at least 130 feet. By the 1950’s Blue whales were endangered despite having next to no predators other than man. Pre-whaling numbers are estimated at 350,000, but 99% of blue whales have been killed due to whaling.

Humpbacks, also known as the singing whale, can stay underwater for 30 minutes at a time, although their typical dives are much shorter. Humpbacks emit high frequency “clicks” reaching 30,000 Hz and the males produce sounds in frequencies between 20 and 9,000 Hz. The male humpbacks songs are the longest and most varied in all the animal kingdom with repeated sequences about 15 minutes long. Not only does whale song vary from species to species, it has also been found that whales have their own dialects within a species! These marvelous creatures can be found anywhere in the oceans of the world and are so multi-faceted that they could easily become a lifetime study.

Firstly, Whale carries the Wisdom of Universal Love and Interconnectedness. Whales are complex and sentient beings who will truly benefit when mankind finally realizes and live their daily lives with the concept that we are all connected, we are all One. After their staggering losses to our race, we are lucky that their generous hearts are still willing to share with us their many sage and intuitive lessons. Whales are Record Keepers who carry all the wisdom of the Sea, as well as the memories of Earth and the Cosmos beyond to which we are also all connected. They carry a deep and intuitive link to these Cosmic memories that Whale people will feel upon their very souls.

Music, and healing on any level through sound, is most definitely the province of this Master Singer. Musicians and Singers of all sorts often carry Whale medicine, and perhaps their collective successes and failures exemplify the biggest challenges that a Whale person can face. Most often this seems to boil down to issues of ego. Musicians who become famous and then spiral towards their own extinction are one example. Those who use their fame and success to direct energy towards social goals that will better the conditions of our world are another. However, taking the time to explore Music, what calls to us, how we react to favorite songs and musicians, and examining how it has shaped Humanity is a wonderful way to connect to Whale energy.

While Whale’s main creative link is to the medium of sound, She is by no means limited to only creativity in sound alone.Whale people will find their creative outlet in whatever skills and talents they are able to develop. Grandmother Whale is an emblem of the creative and motherly nurturing forces of the Sea, the heart waters of our world, the symbolic subconscious, turbulent emotions, memories, and dreams. She can inspire a creativity as endless as the Sea itself. Meditative breathing techniques are highly useful to Whale people, and the placement of the blowhole on most whales suggests an importance placed upon the Crown chakra.

This chakra governs our sense of Unity, spiritual connectivity, intuition, Divine wisdom, Enlightenment, Knowledge, understanding and empathy. Poor balance, thought restriction, disorganization, lack of spiritual involvement, fears/obsessions revolving around understanding/compassion, depression, physical problems with the pituitary, pineal, nervous system, or brain are all signs of unbalanced Crown chakra. Violet or white is the stimulating color for this point. Prayer, meditation, the musical note B, are all stimulating to this chakra. Musical exploration, spending time in the Ocean, singing, memory exercises, learning something new especially involving the study of one’s Ancestors, spiritual paths or oral traditions are all excellent ways to connect to Whale energy.

Ambergris is the far more attractive label for a substance that has also been referred to as “whale vomit”. A waxy substance secreted by the sperm whale and found floating at sea or washed ashore, ambergris is highly valued by the perfume industry and has been a coveted trade item for centuries. Known as “floating gold” ambergris found by beachcombers can be worth as much as 4000 dollars. Yet ambergris is simply a secretion produced when a whale has been eating squid and their parrot-like beaks irritate the walls of its innards! This is a blatant reminder to put things in perspective and see things as they really are!

Dreaming is a fine and wonderful aspect of our lives. without it we never would have learned to cross oceans, fly, traverse space, communicate across cultures or a thousand other advancements experienced by society and individuals the world over. We do ourselves, and others, great disservice when we stubbornly refuse to recognize the Truth right in front of us or place inordinate importance on superficial things. 

Ambergris, like the Pearl , is an emblem of beauty and perfection that begins with irritation; a reminder of the value of turning the perceived negatives in our lives into positives. Ambergris may be useful, but when all is said and done… it’s still just Whale vomit with only as much value and importance as we place upon it… like so much in life. Maintaining a properly balanced viewpoint while still remaining open to new things is vital, which simply will not work if we are placing too much or not enough importance on any given topic, or if we are unable to see the Truth.

Whales, like other Cetaceans, have a deep connection to Dreaming on all levels and Whale people should definitely strive to keep an active dream journal as well as healthy sleep patterns. Yet, Whales will breach, flinging themselves out of the Sea and into the Air in a dramatic and breathtaking moment to spectators. This is a reminder that we must pull ourselves out of our heady dreams and liquid emotions long enough to attain true thought, conscious intent if we are to direct our lives in a meaningful and progressive manner. 

It is also a reminder not to stay isolated within our selves, but to share our selves, joys and sorrows, openly with the World. Whale says that Creativity for its sake alone is not enough. For what purpose do we create? How and what are we manifesting in our lives? Awareness and Action creatively combined for the good of All Our Relations is perhaps the dearest wish of mighty Whale. How does She appear in your life?

“I am you; you are me. you are the waves; I am the ocean. know this and be free, be divine.” Sri Sathya Sai Baba

“I close my eyes and feel the universe within me. " The Kinks, Visionary Dreamer

“It requires wisdom to understand wisdom: the music is nothing if the audience is deaf.” Walter Lippman

“By three methods we may learn wisdom: first, by reflection which is noblest; second, by imitation, which is the easiest; and third, by experience, which is the bitterest.” Confucius

“I wish I could speak whale!” Dory, Finding Nemo

Key Concepts:
Power of Sound/Song/Music especially as therapy/healing, Dreamtime/Dreamwork, Visions/Visioning, Intuition, Going Within, Creation, Creativity, Cosmos, Collective Memory/Unconscious, Spiritual Insight/Development, Knowledge and Teaching especially oral traditions, Ancestors, Conservation, Guidance/Travel especially Astral or Dreamtime, Universal Love/Kindness/Gentleness, Motherhood/Familial Devotion, Feminine energy/power/wisdom/virtues, Awareness coupled with Action, Strength, Grace, Unity, Life/Death/Rebirth cycle, Past life work, Memory, Leadership

Associated with: Neptune/Poseidon, Llyr, Mannon Mac Lir, Yu-kiang, Sedna, Raven, Natsihlane, Heimskringla, King Sulemani, Kanaloa, Rongo-mai, Branwyn, Triton, Nammu, Aegir, Njord, Ran, Ihy, Olokun, Leviathan, Jonah, Sinbad, Pinocchio, MicromŽgas, mermaids, undines, nereids/naiads, clouds, islands, creation

Potential balancing energies…

Water/ Ocean , Dolphins , Turtles , Fish like Salmon , Penguins, Seals/sea lions, Krill/plankton, Squids/Octipi, Sharks, Mollusks like Oysters ,Seastars and other Sea life, Animals like Frog/Toad , Polar bears/Bears , Moose , Deer , Otters , Elephants , Horses , Bison/Buffalo , Birds like Crow/Raven , Seagull, Osprey, Great Blue Heron or Swan , Wolf (Orca whales are often referred to as the wolves of the sea), Other Dreamtime Teachers like Dragonfly or Lizard, Other sound/song oriented Teachers like Grasshoppers/Crickets , Robins and other songbirds, Stones like Amethyst, White Topaz, Selenite, Lilac Lepidolite, Amethyst Lepidicrocite, clear Quartz or Pearls

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