Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Dreamwalkers: Foreward

Once, So long ago, a planet turned in a moment of possibilities… 

In a wide hall of oak with flagstone floors, many people sit at their ease after a well-turned meal. At a focal point of the room, a man in his middle thirties raises his voice above the children and the hounds to address the stately figure by the fire. “Welcome and now that you have settled yourself by the fire, Will you tell us a tale to brighten the evening skies, Honorable Wanderer?” Crowds and murmurs of eager assent gather around their leader’s query. 

“Indeed, that I can do, Kind Neighbors, for I have seen the making and unmaking of the world a thousand times over in my long journeys. ” She replies as she shifts her long silver curls over her shoulders. “Oh So long ago, a world once turned in a moment of possibilities as occasionally happens… There were two men of might and magic and between them there was a woman loved who carried the light of the world inside her. She was all things good, kind, brave and honest but her heart belonged to one and not the other. 

True Love turned to Cold Hate in the heart of the Castaway Lord. His only solace became the seeking of power and thus did he learn, gather and grow until he was swelled like the storm black clouds upon a horizon. He reviled all that once his heart held, twisted himself away from Light, Life and Humanity, and became instead all that was Dark within his own soul; A fell being longing only for vengeance! Many souls were lost to the darkness within themselves, becoming his servants and swelling his powers. Others joined into a pinnacle of paragon virtues until the war waging between the two factions ripped the fabric of reality and the world was torn in two!” Amidst an enraptured audience, the storyteller leans back in silence, stretching her travel-stained boots towards the fire. 

“Ardrearian… the Dark Lord remained in one world where he moved and changed through the ages, seeking only the power and influence he needed to tailor this world to his tastes. Only He seemed to recall the world as it once was and there seemed to be no one able to do more than slow the progress of his own twisted designs… Magic and creatures of wonder faded into myth, unable to live in this world of cold iron and science, hard facts and hardening hearts. Yet, these worlds remained joined by tenuous threads and some hearts knew more than their everyday senses could tell them. They gathered in secret and kept alive the hope that someday their world, and perhaps the Dark Lord with it, would be healed. For as you all know, no one is so great or so small that they can truly live without Dreams….”

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