Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Gone Walkabout

A gang of gurus
A flash mob of 
herbivorous warriors
Red as the dusty Earth
or Grey as the twilight
between waking and Dreamtime
They sing you into their Dreaming...

"Every change is a journey
Each journey begins 
with a first step
What are you waiting for?
Put your best foot forward
and Hop to it!
Stop thinking about the journey
and get moving!
Forward, ever forward,
cast no backward glances.

We will show you how to leap
lifting yourself over obstacles
lending you Balance
We will teach you
how to reach a cruising speed
maintaining your course by instinct
as you bound through your landscape

Guides for the long voyage inward
We advise you to strip down to essentials
carrying with you only that which serves you
Twice Born
We believe in nurturing
our hopes for the future
Hidden safely away 
in Mother's purse
until conditions are right 
or they can fend for themselves

Jacks or Jills,
Consorts of saltating grace
We will do our duty 
for the good of the Family
Boxing challengers about the ears
Disemboweling those that threaten us
but most often 
simply allowing momentum
to carry us forward
to the next 100 acres pasture
The greatest thing since 
the invention of pockets

We are One
and owe familial duty 
to our World
Our way is clearly marked
We leave behind large footprints
Fill them
Follow us
Accept your place within the Universe
Step up 
and we will lend you our strength
Guard you
Guide you
Sing you into our Dreaming"

For those new to the game, each poem is inspired by a Teacher found in Nature; a star, stone, animal, plant etc that holds lesson of Wisdom for those who listen. 

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