Monday, June 15, 2015

Bow-song of the Compassionate Warrior

Elusive and beautiful,
A bright ribbon for Sky Woman’s hair.
This magical teacher appears
like a loving memory,
or sunny smile 
after a storm of tears.

“Be of good cheer!
For I am the Herald
of messages Divine;
emblem of the Optimist, 
the Fortunate, 
and the Kind.

Compassionate Warrior, 
I mark the passage between…
Prophecy and Truth,
Sky and Shore,
Magical and Mortal,
Body and Soul.
I bear the tread 
of Heimdall’s duty,
Set loose 
the seven sacred arrows
of mighty Indra,
and reveal 
hidden Faerie gold!"

For those new to the game, each poem is inspired by a Teacher found in Nature; a star, stone, animal, plant etc that holds lessons of Wisdom for us. Can you guess who is singing today? Congrats to Robin Smith, Jan Neavill Hersh, and Jaguarwombyn for naming this Teacher!

“The soul would have no rainbow had the eyes no tears.” ~ John Vance Cheney

“Have you been half asleep
and have you heard voices?
I’ve heard them calling my name.
Is this the sweet sound that calls the young sailors?
The voice might be one and the same.
I’ve heard it too many times to ignore it.
It’s something that I’m supposed to be.
Someday we’ll find it, the rainbow connection,
the lovers, the dreamers and me.” The Rainbow Connection ~ Kermit T. Frog

As a symbol, the Rainbow may today be most popularly associated with Gay and Lesbian Pride, but this enchanting refraction of light has more myths, legends and stories associated with it from every culture around the World than a cloud has raindrops. In the Vedic tradtions, rainbows represent the Antakaranha of humanity, our connection between body and soul. To the Mayans, rainbows were thought to be oracles, signs of the gods being appeased, a symbol of life and renewal. To the Norse, it is the magical bridge between Midgard and Asgard . For the Celts, rainbows are magical roads into or out of the Faerie realm, closely associated with fantastic creatures like Unicorns, or Leprechauns and their gold. And in the Bible, this beautiful natural occurence symbolized a covenant between God and Humanity.

They are associated with the 7 rays of Wisdom, the 7 Chakras, wishes, redemption, Hope, good Fortune and Luck. Through many Traditions, the Rainbow is also associated with snakes, serpents and dragons. In Aboriginal Tradtion this connection also associates the Rainbow with Dreamtime. In Native American Traditions, the Rainbow is often associated with the Whirling Rainbow Prophecy which promises a return to Sacred Ways, a time of great renewal, peace, enlightenment and spiritual growth for Humanity and All Our Relations.

In many tales, the Rainbow is a bridge between magical places or the magical connection between things or people. For me, it is always a moment of joy, wonder and optimism… a reminder that we are capable of magical transformations, dazzling enlightenment and contagious inspiration. Each time it appears in my life, I consider it a gift and a special reminder to return to the Universe the best I am capable of no matter what opposition, internal or external, I am facing.

“Where troubles melt like lemon drops,
Away above the chimney tops
That’s where you’ll find me

Somewhere, over the rainbow, bluebirds fly
Birds fly over the rainbow,
Why then, oh, why can’t I?"

~Over The Rainbow, music by Harold Arlen and lyrics by E.Y. Harburg

Leonard George once said that “Spiritual values are an attitude.” I believe that people tend to lean in the direction of their attitude, so I do see the Truth in this statement. If we are positive, we are more likely to lean in the direction of good spiritual values and their practice. When we are focused only on the negative, we lean away from acting on those good spiritual values. When we are angry or sad, for example, we tend to be so focused on our selves and our issues, that it is more difficult to be Aware and react in a positive way to any situation.

Walking up the long hill towards home after a long day at work, the last thing I want to do is stop and pick up other peoples’ trash that they have thoughtlessly tossed out on the roadside. Seeing this litter often makes me angry, resentful or sad, especially after a hard day, but I resist the urge to simply ignore the litter and be angry at others. I push myself instead to collect as I go so I can properly dispose of or recycle these items, and to concentrate on fond hopes of such people waking up, becoming aware, and caring about their smallest actions.

A small thing to many, a simple example and perhaps not a topic of great importance to anyone but myself. So why care? Why pick up after strangers? Because I live in this World. I love it and All My Relations. Because I believe we are all connected and should do the right thing whenever we are presented with the opportunity simply because it is the right thing to do. I believe you get out of Life what you put into it, and I hope that somewhere in the World someone else is doing the same thing somewhere, putting that same good thought/action out into the World. Every little step we take towards living what we believe has the potential to turn the tides, to inspire, and provide opportunity for our spiritual growth.

It seems so easy to feel overwhelmed, lost in a sea of uncaring unaware people. It feels so easy to be angry, frustrated, disappointed, and resentful in today’s society, and there are often many people around us projecting those very emotions, spreading like germs. Perhaps the details have changed and it’s just always been that way. The Rainbow is a reminder that even the darkest storm will pass eventually though, and that we must all pass through trials to reach the bright reward waiting for us. While it is good and healthy to express your anger or shed tears to relieve the burden of sorrow or grief, it is even better to remember that afterwards… a smile, a laugh, a song is also necessary, also naturally good; for ourselves and everyone around us. Inspiration, Love, Beauty, and Joy are always there around us simply waiting to be noticed, accepted, and enveloped by our own gratitude for the moment.

Sometimes we need the Rainbow’s bright message more, and sometimes it is more important that we be the Rainbow’s magical messenger in the lives of others through our choices, actions, and words. On my most difficult days, I ask myself, “Which is better? To chase the Rainbow, or be it?” Some days this is a real challenge and I’m not always successful, but I do believe it is well worth my effort. Often times, our window of opportunity is as brief as the appearance of the elusive magical Rainbow, so isn’t it best to be in the habit of leaning towards the positive? How different our World might be if we all worked to live the Rainbow’s lessons! Someday we’ll find it… the Rainbow Connection.

“Be still, sad heart! and cease repining;
Behind the clouds is the sun still shining;
Thy fate is the common fate of all,
Into each life some rain must fall,
Some days must be dark and dreary.” Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

“Be thou the rainbow in the storms of life. The evening beam that smiles the clouds away, and tints tomorrow with prophetic ray. ” Lord Byron

Key Concepts: Fortune (good and bad), Optimism, Connectivity/Unity, Bridging, Liminal Zones, Magic, Faerie energy/wisdom, Hope, Faith, Charity, Compassion, Dreams/Dreamtime, Wishes, Innocence/Youth, Happiness/Laughter, Natural order/wisdom/balance, Inspiration

Associated Deities, Popular and Mythic figures: Heimdall, Iris, Indra, Ixchel, Binbeal, Dhakhan, Rainbow Serpent, Julunggul, Ungud, Mbaba Mwana Waresa, Nenaunir, Ochumare, Danh, Ambisagrus, Taranis, Wizard of Oz/Dorothy, Rainbow Warriors, Rainbow Bird

Potential Balancing Energies: Storm, Clouds, Sky, Air, Light, Rain/Water, Crow, Rainbow Lorikeet, Swan, Rainbow Bee-eater, Scarlet Macaw and other birds. Butterflies and Insects like Dragonfly, Rainbow Shield Bug, Rainbow Grasshopper, and Rainbow Beetle. Fish like Rainbow Trout, Rainbowfish, or Koi. Stones like Rainbow Hematite, Opal, Pearl, Tourmaline, or clear Quartz. Animals like Coyote, Dolphin, or Rabbit. Rainbow lizards, Snakes, other reptiles and amphibians, Plants like Rainbow Eucalyptus, Byblis, Rainbow Cactus, Rainbow Fern, Rainbow Chard, or Iris