Friday, November 20, 2015

Rainbow Warriors

Paragons of virtue
Partners in crime
Defenders of faith
Societal elite dealing
in political grime


Huddled masses 
yearning to be free
of their collective inhumanity

Destroying Paradise
one invention at a time
A savage history
soaked in blood, toil and pain.
Occasionally a Buddha,
but more often a Cain

We are binding ourselves 
tight in a winding sheet
woven of selfishness, 
bitterness and regret.

Hope is not lost though,
lingering beyond the dark corners 
of our chest
Greed and despair
have not 
choked the life from us 

Rise up, 
O my Brothers!
Raise your voices, 
Sisters dear!
Open your hearts!
Open your minds!

Discard useless dissensions
Hatreds that blind
Only together 
will we defeat 
all of our fears

We say we want Truth
then wail and hide 
from it's light
An you harm none,
Life freely lived
is a universally 
sacred right

Search within
Improvements enact
See clearly which lies
are put there 
purely to distract

Waiting for others
 to step up and lead?

Become the Change 
you wish to see
For Now 
is all we truly have
and the most comforting lie
we feed ourselves
is that we will always 
have time
 for that later

Fashion yourself 
into a Hollow Bone
that Creator's love may flow.
Our time is Now

We stand on the Wheel
With All Our Relations;
No better, no worse.
Unknowingly connected
to all of Creation.

Be a Blessing unto others,
Not a Curse!
If you cannot be better,
Then at very least 
attempt to do no worse!

Replace Peace
where you find it broken

Give Love
instead of Fear

Cleanse yourselves,
O my Siblings,
From souls
to shores
to skies

Be Gentle
in your life songs
for they are written upon 
the Soul of the World!

Be Grateful
the chance to learn
to taste Life
to set great change in motion
to forge your own soul
is a gift

Be Humane,
not a mockery of the definition,
not devious planetary Locusts.
Be Honest
with the care
and keeping 
of your soul.

Look past blame
Forgive trespass;
We deserve 
No lies

As within
So without
and the World will turn withal,

Spiritual beings, we,
on a physical journey.

Creating Karma
and doing laundry
as we attempt
to understand
Life around us

Just One
among many

All Connected,
spinning in Infinity

So, Here is my hand

Here is my heart

Take them as gifts
freely given
that Our great healing
may finally start.

For those new to the game, each piece is inspired by a Teacher found in Nature; star, stone, animal, plant etc that holds lessons of Wisdom for us. Can you guess who is singing today? 


  1. Oh Quinn, I got chills as I read this extraordinary piece of writing; thank you for putting down in words this incredible wisdom, truth and call to action. It is quite profound. I feel also not limited to a tribute to Valentine's Day. I am absolutely taking it with me to my wall and if I may, I would like to keep it somewhow to read now and then. It shines with the light of inspiration, honesty and light of the universe. Thank you again.